Lade Drinks – Getränkedosen bedrucken

Word of mouth advertising is very effective in industries like hotel and lodging, spas, banking, law firms, outdoor landscaping and other professional services and a recommendation from a satisfied customer can promote a brand message more effectively than most other forms of advertising. This is particularly true during outdoor activities and events during the steamy hot days of summer.

Word of mouth acts as a testimonial to customer satisfaction and the endorsement of a satisfied customer can be repeated over and over again. Of course the reverse can be true. Low quality water, bottles and labels will create a negative image and can dramatically reduce the power of a brand. This is especially true if the water tastes bad or contains harmful contaminants.

Like with any other form of advertising, repetition is an important and necessary element in order to achieve a return on advertising dollars. One problem with word of mouth advertising is that customers, no mater how great the experience, tend to forget as time passes and reminders about the value they received become very important.

Repetition can be very expensive for most forms of advertising but one exception is private label bottled water with a quality message. The fact is that the cost of each bottle is low and the message tends to be longer lasting.

Now that summer is approaching, more and more people will participate in outdoor events and the effectiveness of private label bottled water becomes even more popular in the steamy days of summer.

Imagine outdoor events such as picnics (corporate and personal) concerts, rodeos, track meets and soccer games and a host of other gatherings that bring people together. Rather than soft drinks and alcohol based drinks, purified water with quality private labels attached will be popular and a great source of word of mouth advertising and brand enhancement.

Another use of private label bottled water is in the area of outdoor projects like landscaping and home improvement companies. These activities tend to lend themselves to word of mouth advertising, and the manual labor of both workers and supervisors guarantee that private label bottled water will be noticeable.

Another aspect of branded water is that some suppliers use purified water and that is critically important now that municipal tap water has been found to contain pharmaceutical drugs, salmonella and other harmful contaminants including chlorine.

Purified water is 100% pure and free from contaminants found in tap water and most other bottled waters.

Purified Bottled Water is one of the fastest growing beverages today. Carbonated soft drinks are losing market share to more healthy alternative like purified water. Bottled water has surpassed soft drinks in overall consumption. Benefit from this growing demand and add an advertising message.

Purified Bottled water is the healthiest water you can buy and if it is oxygenated, it tastes delicious.

It makes good business sense to include private label bottled water advertising campaign if you want to promote a strong brand image and message. Try it and you will be happy with the results.


Source by Jon Stout